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The Nueva Ecija Unrstrktd Gravel Race

I am dedicating this week's issue of the Brain Dump on my experience on my first gravel race, the Nueva Ecija Unrstrktd Gravel Race. I joined the 80KM event and this is my story.

The Nueva Ecija Unrstrktd Gravel Race

The day has come. After 7 weeks of training (some start really early in the morning), it finally arrived. We drove from Laguna to Nueva Ecija on Friday which happened to be my first long drive, in which we came out alive, yay me.

We took our dog Milo with us to keep my wife company while I suffer on the race. The hotel charged us for his stay but that’s okay - he was a good boy the entire time (i.e. he didn’t poop’d or peed inside the room).

Anyway, back to the race report.

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Jamie Larson