Unlucky in Raffle Draws

RodeCaster Pro II

I have been loving my RodeCaster Pro ever since I bought it last year. It was relatively easy to produce my podcast with RCP and I can even use it on my Zoom calls, although I have not had the chance to use the sound pads just yet when someone cracks a joke.

The value proposition of the RodeCaster Pro is that it simplifies the podcast production by consolidating all the expensive industrial equipments into one solid device.

This remains true with the new RodeCaster Pro II. I got curious by the fact that it now has a relatively powerful pre-amp which means gain-hungry microphones will no longer need a booster or lifter.

I don't see myself upgrading from my RCP at this point, but it's a good purchase for someone who wants to step up their podcasting and streaming game.

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Jamie Larson