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New Cycling Video

Apparently there's not much vlogs about cycling are available so I figured I need to fill in the void. πŸ™„

New Cycling Video

It was almost a month since my accident and I am happy that my doctor finally allowed me to go back to cycling. My fiance advised me not to do long rides at least for now (and stop wearing cleats😒) so I thought I'll do some vlogging then.

I am still not sure about the title though. It's ironic that I call it Daldal Pedal, and yet my voice is scarce in the video.

Just in case you're interested with the nerd stuff...

After some experimenting with our GoPro 7, I think I finally managed to find the sweet spot for recording. I took this video with 2.7K resolution at 60FPS. I rendered the video using HEVC (H.265) which utilized my graphics card more than my CPU - and it rendered in minutes!

The only challenge is how long it took my to upload the video on YouTube and have it process HD and 4K resolutions. It took most of my afternoon (and well into the evening) waiting in anticipation on how good or bad it will look due to YouTube's notoriety in compression.

But the wait was worth it. I might dial back to 30FPS because I don't see much value going on 60FPS. I might be able to save some battery life in the process.

Anyway, I am just geeking out on this - especially when I am doing benchmark tests on rendering H.264 vs H.265. I am not good with video editing, but I am happy to learn about this. This is my post before this video goes viral! Lol.

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