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My Fears for this Administration

31 million Filipinos decided to put a Marcos back to Malacanang.

My Fears for this Administration
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In the Philippines, 31 million Filipinos decided to vote for Marcos to become our president. While the rest of us still could not believe this happened, we need to accept it at some point.

To be honest, I thought it'll be a close fight. But what happened was shocking. The gap between the first and the second are too big to ignore, including the fact that the first garnered more than 50% of the votes, which means the majority of the people has decided.

While I understand how others feel about the unexpected result, I knew that suggesting a rally on EDSA for another people power is already out of a question. As much as I don't want Marcos back in Malacanang, I don't want to disenfranchise the 31 million souls who were forced to forget the sins of the past.

But while I accept the fact that the fate of this country is now back in a Marcos hand, I fear that the quality of life we'll have would still be the same.

Press Freedom

I am starting to see instances of their team denying access to journalists just because they don't, as they say, "play nice". They also start refusing to answer the toughest questions simply because they have 31 million Filipinos behind them.

Some of their supporters would often say "wala na kayong binalita kung hindi yung pangit", because they want to see news that would make them feel good and prove them right for voting the candidates who fooled them.

News flash: The news is not meant to make us feel good. They are supposed to make the government accountable, especially because we put them there.

Revision of History

As I see his Vice President get nominated for the Department of Education, I see a departure from proper education. I fear that they will revise the text books, especially the history ones to remove the atrocities toward Martial Law victims.

Bongbong Marcos wants textbooks revised: You’re teaching children lies
MANILA, Philippines — Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Friday renewed his call for the revision of history textbooks as charges against his family were

He once said during the campaign that "don't judge me by my ancestors, but judge me by my actions". Well if that's the case, why bother revising history? If you don't care what your parents have done (assuming you even acknowledge them), why do you event want to revise the textbooks?

West Philippine Sea

His policy on WPS is basically he'll ask permission from China for our fisherman to sail through the contested waters. Why do we need to ask for permission if it's ours in the first place?

Marcos Jr. on West PH Sea: ‘Shallow, outdated, simply uninformed,’ say experts
As the dictator’s son flip flops on the major foreign policy issue, experts warn the presidential candidate is again echoing the fraught approach of President Rodrigo Duterte

I fear that he will just keep the foreign policy of his predecessor and not fight for what's ours. Why did we even bother winning the arbitration case from UNCLOS if it's not going to be used at all?

I guess this is the problem if we do not export as much as we import.

Mandatory Military Service

I fear for my nephew most of all. He's turning 18 in two years, and if the VP will be true to her word, mandatory military service will be in full effect by then, or within six years of their term. My nephew will surely be subjected to physical and emotional trainings to make them disciplined and won't get intimidated too easily, but I fear for how much physical and mental abuse they can give to train a kid his age.

I don't know. Maybe I have loved my nephew like a son and I don't want to see him damaged after two years in military camps.

Sara Duterte’s push for mandatory military service shows ‘true militarist nature’ – groups
‘The issue of patriotism is not simply learned by marching on the ground and carrying a rifle,’ says Save Our Schools Network

I hope Marcos, Jr. gets credible and competent advisers to get the job done properly. If he really wants to redeem his family name from the history books, then show it with his actions. I doubt it though, I don't know if he can even tell the truth or just keep on telling lies.

I never liked Marcos, but in the end, I am still a Filipino. So as they managed to get the hopes of 31 million Filipinos up, I hope they would prove the other half is wrong in not believing in them.

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