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Kenobi's Fears

Is it wrong to feel fear? For a Jedi, maybe. They need to cast away their fear, because as Master Yoda once said, "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate... leads to suffering".

Kenobi's Fears

Princess Leia Organa has been kidnapped and his father Bail personally visited Obi-Wan Kenobi to tell him that his daughter is in planet Daiyu, with the final, desperate attempt to beg him to rescue her. Kenobi finally gave in, not knowing that Leia's kidnapping incident was part of Third Sister's plan to draw him out of hiding.

This is my take on the second episode of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, and so I am letting you know right now..

SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk.

What was good

  • Kenobi finding a clone veteran (who was played by Boba Fett himself, Temuera Morrison) begging for spare credits. I don't know if this was Rex (since he removed his inhibitor's chip that prevented him from following Order 66 and killing off the members of the Jedi including Ahsoka Tano), or someone else, but the blue color on his armor made me think so. I don't know if other clones were able to remove the chip in their head (I have not followed The Clone Wars series faithfully, I'm afraid). Anyway, I can feel Kenobi's sympathy towards the veteran, of course after fighting with them side by side during the Clone Wars. Maybe he was also in horror, realizing that this veteran's brothers have killed almost all of the Jedi?
  • Kumail Nanjiani playing a fake Jedi. Imagine the look in Kenobi's face, knowing deep inside that this guy's a fraud. While he ended up helping him in the end, I can sense that's more to it than just a helping hand. I am guessing that ship they went through is just a trap so that he can collect Kenobi's bounty himself.
  • There was a funny callback to Episode III. Remember that scene where Kenobi was fighting General Grievous and mistakenly tried to hit GG's legs with his shin to trip him over? It was a painful realization that GG's metallic body structure. Here he tried to hit a guy's face with his hand, and while he managed to knock that guy out, he was in terrible pain. Kenobi managed to survive hand-to-hand combat with two guys after ten years of retirement, but we can still see him struggle in this one.
  • Leia is very perceptive, and annoying in a good way. Still true to her character later on, she's not a damsel in distress who blindly follows anyone who tries to rescue her. Still a bit reckless, though, but I guess that's required to make her believe Kenobi. It's funny when Leia teases Kenobi for his age ("Father? Grandfather, maybe.")
  • This episode showed a different side of Kenobi that we have not seen during his adventures in the Clone Wars. After ten years of solitude, his control over his emotions are failing. His fear has betrayed him, and now Reva was able to exploit this even further. Maybe he fears for his life? I mean, surviving up to this point was a feat on itself, given how many Inquisitors are out there hunting them (or not) down. Or maybe he just doesn't want to abandon Luke alone. My guess is on the latter.

What was bad

  • That guard whose keys were stolen after an explosion (Kenobi's distraction, it appears) was oblivious AF. I don't even know how he managed to apply as a security guard.
  • I don't know how Force works, okay. Kenobi must have felt that Leia was not in that room and he could have easily "sprung the trap" as he said back in Episode III. Or maybe I was just mistaken and that he really wants to know who's behind this abduction gig.
  • I don't know what the Inquisitors were doing here other than intimidate people and marching slowly over the bazaar. It still looks like Reva was the one doing the heavy lifting here (or heavy Force pushing, heh) and she was the one being cast aside. I clock this as a hate crime (loljk).
  • The Grand Inquisitor was a pain in a a** here. It was good that Reva did what she did. Though it's also helped Obi-Wan escape. Which brings me to my next point..
  • I have played Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and I have seen an Inquisitor jump into a ship that is about to launch into space. Because of all that anger and hate, an Inquisitor can really do great damage. That was what made that scene in the game so fearful. But not here. We witnessed a cliche where the bad guy was shouting, promising destruction, as the good guy flew off. What a waste.
This Inquisitor is bad ass. Inquisitors in Obi-Wan Kenobi can still do better.


I knew at some point that Kenobi and Leia needs to team up at some point, because we know how Leia turned to him in Episode IV in time of desperate need to transfer the Death Star plans.

I am also interested to see how Haja's character will eventually play out. I feel like he's going to be an annoying third party in this series.

With Kenobi knowing that Anakin is alive, I wonder what's going through his mind. Maybe his guilt has been slightly lifted, after learning that he had not killed Anakin at all. Maybe he feels he can still redeem Anakin, remembering Padme's last words ("There is good in him"). I guess we'll know on the next episode.

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