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Kenobi Rescues

Still reeling from his butt getting kicked by Darth Vader, Kenobi resolves to save Leia from the home base of Inquisitors - Fortress Inquisitorius.

Kenobi Rescues

This is my take on the fourth episode of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, and so I am letting you know right now..

SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk.

Still reeling from his butt getting kicked by Darth Vader, Kenobi resolves to save Leia from the home base of Inquisitors - Fortress Inquisitorius. He enlists the help of Tala to get inside using her imperial access codes.

Meanwhile, it was fun seeing Leia's bravery against Reva who keeps on pushing her to get information about the Path, and the location of the forerunners of the resistance.

It was good that they remain faithful with the canon, showing the same Fortress Inquisitorius which was first featured (that I know of) from the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The place was lurking with imperial soldiers and staff, so Tala making her way in to locate Leia and guide Kenobi was nerve-wracking. There were several scenes in the episode where I thought Tala is a goner, but somehow she still manages to get through with - even from the clutches of Reva herself.

I enjoyed the scenes between Reva and Leia, because there were also a number of scenes where I thought Reva got her shook, but Leia remains resolute in protecting the Path and the resistance. I find it humorous that she had no trouble resisting Reva's mind probes and even taunted Reva with "is this a staring contest?". I mean, it was obvious that she showed a little bit of struggle, but Reva still couldn't manage to get into her head. It was also amusing to see Leia turn Reva's words against her ("it's okay to tell my father first, right? After all, we're all on the same side").

Kenobi's tour of the fortress was not fun at all. He was already struggling with using the Force to move things, now with the storm troopers in high alert. The one thing I don't get with the stormtroopers is that while they have trouble seeing to aim and shoot enemies, their hearing is impeccable.

They should have seen his legs as he crawl through that ledge, but NOoooo.

What Kenobi saw in the secure sector of the fortress was horrifying. It was not enough to hunt and kill the Jedi - they were turned into trophies. This almost confirms my earlier theory that Reva was one of those younglings who tried to escape Order 66 from the first scene of the pilot episode. It was gut wrenching, seeing the frozen expressions of horror in the eyes of each that have fallen, including that of a youngling.

Fortress "Trophy Room"

As Kenobi rescues Leia from the torture chamber, I think he starts to get his confidence up with him deflecting those blaster shots with his lightsaber. Given how long it was since he last wielded his lightsaber, we can still see some getting used to with him handling it but he still managed to get the job done.

With that narrow escape at the fortress' bay, I finally see the ruthlessness of an Inquisitor through Reva - finally someone thought of putting a tracker on their ship (through poor Lola).

Now we start to see the bond strengthens between Kenobi and Leia, and why we see in Episode IV how much she turns to him when times got desperate. This scene showed the odd reflection between hope and despair, as Kenobi rescued Leia, but at the cost of a life. Truly, as Tala would put it, "we are soldiers now".

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