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Kenobi Reasons

This article has no cohesive flow. But I just want to say that this was the best episode of the series so far and I cannot wait for the Finale.

Kenobi Reasons

Kenobi, Leia and the rest of the rescue crew arrived at Jabiim, not knowing that Reva planted a tracker on Leia's droid Lola.

We see a flashback from the days before the Clone Wars even started - with Kenobi (still brandishing that long hair) sparring with his padawan, Anakin. I was surprised they didn't de-age him here because despite the short hair and that Padawan braid, actor Hayden Christensen's face betrays Anakin's age. Ewan McGregor on the other hand was still fantastic - maybe it was the beard that hid his years from us. Either way, both looked good and the flashback reminded me of how Anakin loves to rush into battle without thinking of a good plan. Remember that time they rushed to save Kenobi in Episode II but ended up getting captured? Yeah, that guy.

Reva got promoted to Grand Inquisitor and Vader commanded their ship to Jabiim. It's classic Vader that he didn't choose to go there immediately; instead he decided to send a squad or two of stormtroopers and Reva to attack the Path's hideout. It was later revealed that Vader's plan was actually to break Kenobi's resolve, by seeing how people around him will now crumble, and possibly die. With a bad Lola putting the base on lockdown, they have no choice but to fight the stormtroopers who's breaking their blast doors.

Side note: why didn't Reva tried breaking the blast doors with her lightsaber if should have done it with a single swipe? Why waste time asking stormtroopers to blast the doors? I guess it's part of the mind game - intimidate the rebels even further with loud explosion and let them think that the Empire is still trying to blast their way through.

Kenobi tried to stall time (to let the guys try figure out how to undo the lockdown) by negotiating with Reva. Kenobi is a master negotiator during the Clone Wars, so this is a welcome call back to his character. His conversation with Reva further revealed my theory that Reva was indeed one of those younglings we saw in the first episode and was apparently left to die by Vader - after killing her friends first. He has been trying to sow pain and anger in her by letting her fight to survive, seeing her brothers and sisters lying on the floor.

As the stormtroopers finally penetrate the base - the rebels tried to hold them off as they retreat to the other chamber where the ships are in. Tala sacrificed her life along with her trusty droid, as they blasted themselves along with a few stormtroopers. I mean, they could have done that earlier on.

Kenobi sacrificed himself to stall a bit further, but not before leaving his personal effects to Haja - who found himself in hiding as well after pissing Reva off earlier. Along with those personal effects was a communicator, which has Bail Organa's last message, giving clues about Vader's children and location. Damn Kenobi, why not delete the message after opening it?

Leia, who squeezed her way inside the controls found and fixed Lola, and later unlocked the hangar doors. Hurray! I still adore Leia for volunteering to get in there and fixing the controls herself, utilizing her size. I also like her asking them to get a ladder - still like a bad ass princess.

Reva apparently was hunting Vader for killing her peers and letting her survive - Kenobi convinced her to turn on Vader who's distracted in winning against him. But we later found out that Vader just brushed Reva aside, she can't even hit Vader and he didn't even bother drawing his lightsaber.

I don't know how the original Grand Inquisitor managed to survive after getting stabbed - now I am starting to wonder what it really means to get stabbed because Qui-Gon Jinn should be alive by now if we follow the flow of survivability on lightsabers!

As the ship tries to escape Jabiim, Vader managed to catch it in time and pin it into the ground. This is probably my favorite in this episode. His Force is so powerful that he can bring down a ship. Although that's the problem - he can only bring down one ship - and Kenobi knows that. That ship Vader pin to the ground was a decoy, and they managed to escape because they boarded another one. Amazing!

At the end of the episode, Reva learned that there's another Skywalker in Tattoine, and since she knows Owen - that makes things worse. I know she won't go back to the light side as she still wants to kill Vader.

This was probably the best episode so far in this series. With Kenobi growing back to his stronger self episode by episode, the Empire should be really pissed at themselves for hunting him down when he was already satisfied with cutting desert fish meat.

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