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Kenobi Burns

Third episode is out and we witnessed Vader's terror as he hunts down his old master. How can Kenobi survive after burning physically and mentally?

"Sometimes when I look at Luma, I see her mother's face."
"Sometimes when I look at Luma, I see her mother's face."

Kenobi and Leia flew to Mapuzo through a trade ship. They followed the Haja's coordinates. There was nobody there when the two arrived, so Kenobi believed that it was all a trap, until they met Tala - a part of an infant resistance moving people around to escape the wrath of the Empire. The Inquisitors closed in on Kenobi's location and the old Jedi was shaken to see his old apprentice who personally came to hunt him down, Darth Vader.

This is my take on the third episode of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, and so I am letting you know right now..

SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk.

What was Good

  • This is the first time we see Darth Vader appear in this series. Vader's re-integration with his suit after submerging from what seem to be his bacta tank, was something we have not seen before. The closest we have gotten so far was seeing him remove his helmet and put it back on when he's about to talk with Imperial officers.
  • Ah, the "are we there yet" moment from Leia. No matter how grown up Leia might have appear to be with her show of strength throughout this ordeal, she still managed to show signs that she's just a kid who can easily be bored with long space travel. Good thing Kenobi fixed her droid Lola so that could buy Kenobi some time before she hears that question again.
  • I can feel Kenobi's struggle in this episode, with the thought of Anakin surviving their last encounter. The guy is no longer out of shape, with the exile not helping, and now his mind is being thrown of focus because his guilt has just materialized. He tried seeking his old master once again, but it didn't help him as he's in some kind of a chicken-egg situation. In order to connect with his old master, he needs to be focused and linked with the Force. But how can you do that when you hear that the old apprentice you chopped up and left to burn in Mustafar is still alive?
  • Kenobi's and Leia's moment with the storm troopers in the shuttle was nerve-wracking. Kenobi reminded Leia multiple times how to tell their cover story, and yet he's the one who slipped up by mentioning Leia's real name in front of the storm troopers. They narrowly escaped that one, but only to be cornered by another.

What was Bad

  • Kenobi using a blaster - man that's so uncivilised. I guess with him disconnected with the Force he was more comfortable with a blaster than fighting with a lightsaber.
  • The encounter between Vader and Kenobi was painful to watch. It was a one-sided fight. The suspense of Vader coming out of nowhere in the dark was horrifying, and he left Kenobi with no chance to react, other than to run and hide. At this point I think Vader's playing with his food. Although I find it weird that when Tala made the distraction of lighting up a barricade between Kenobi and Vader/troopers, why did Vader just left? We saw him quickly extinguish the fire earlier on. He already have Kenobi but he decided to back away. His patience was outstanding - especially for a Sith.

Earlier before this episode aired, I saw Ewan McGregor's statement supporting Moses Ingram (who plays as Reva/Third Sister). Apparently she's been getting all this hate from the fanbase. I don't know what's with all this hate - I think she's been giving her role more justice than her other Inquisitor friends. Her Reva character is the only one showing the determination to capture Kenobi at all costs. Then again, I am just a casual Star Wars fan, so what do I know?


As the third episode closes, we now faced two dillema. One, Vader fried Kenobi, making the latter feel what it was like to be left burning. While he suffered heavy wounds physically, his confidence and mental stability has been shaken further with guilt and fear. The second is Reva's capture of Leia. I am sure that Vader will not sense anything out of Leia if they ever meet - given that he didn't feel anything when he interrogated her back in Episode IV.

The first half of the series is now past us, and I know things will still go south from here on at least until the fifth episode (maybe the first half of sixth). I can only brace for what's coming next, possible more horrifying than what we saw from this one.

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