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iOS 16 Live Activities - Possible Use Cases in the Philippines

One of the features of the upcoming iOS 16 is Live Activities, and here are some use cases that might be applicable in the Philippines.

iOS 16 Live Activities - Possible Use Cases in the Philippines

iOS 16 has been announced as part of Apple's WWDC event last Monday, 06 June (07 June in Manila). One of the things that got my attention is iOS 16's Live Activities - this is a place where you can see the live, updated posts straight from your lock screen. It's placed at the bottom of the screen (ergonomics, perhaps?) and I like it because it's kind of low-key.

Screengrab of Uber widget in the Lock screen (Source: Apple)

I already see several use cases for this here in the Philippines.

  1. Food Panda - imagine seeing the status of your order from being prepared in the restaurant, getting picked up by the rider and if the rider is on his/her way to you. You will see the ETA, name of the driver, and perhaps an option to call or text the rider.
  2. Grab - I saw their use case for Uber and I think it also applies with Grab, especially Grab Car - you can track the driver if he already dropped off his current passenger (if there's one), and if the driver is on his way to you. You can have an option to see if there's a new message from the driver, the driver's name and plate number.
  3. Lalamove - similar to Grab and Food Panda, should show the ETA, name of the driver and an option to call or text the rider
  4. BWF Badminton Scoring - Live scores seems neat, but it mostly covers basketball and American football. I hope BWF can have an app that lets you show the live scores of running matches in its BWF Tour tournaments.
Live NBA Scores as a widget on the Lock Screen (Source: Apple)

It appears that the Live Activities feature will not be part of the initial iOS 16 release this coming September; it will come as a later update, hopefully within this year.

I am sure there are other use cases that can also benefit from this feature especially here in the Philippines. I just hope we get to experience those sooner.

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