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Hello, World.

Hello, World.
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Hello and welcome to my place on the internet. My name is Derek. I work on enterprise software for different customers, I love cycling, and I somewhat enjoy writing.

This will be my attempt to return from consuming toxic items from the internet, by producing pieces that make me feel better. If you must know, I am based in the Philippines, and as I write this piece, our country just voted not only for its future, but also for its past. There's just too much toxicity on Facebook alone, that I decided I cannot take anymore of this. I need to release that stress by creating something.

And this is what I came up with.

I already own this domain for years - I just didn't know what to use this for. I just thought it's cool that I got it first, my nickname (pronounced as direct) and a .PH domain. That's minimalism in my books.

This blog will contain quick bits of the things I encounter everyday, and hopefully some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way that could help you. I don't know what those will be - I'll let the future Derek decide on those.

There's not much to enjoy for now but you'll be sure I'll brag about it once I managed to produce one.

To blogging!

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