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Brain Dump - Issue #3

Hello and welcome to another brain dump issue. Not much has happened this week, although I did start to take it slow on the training, and for some reason my power meter stopped working. Good luck to me I guess.

Brain Dump - Issue #3
Photo by David Kovalenko / Unsplash

Started to Taper Down

As the final week approaches to the Nueva Ecija Unrstrktd Gravel Race, I decided to take it easy on the trainers. I did a high intensity VO2 Max 4x4 last Monday, but the rest of the week I have been doing one-hour endurance rides. I don’t know if I am doing this correctly as I don’t have a coach, but I figured might be best to avoid getting myself injured before the race even begins.

Procrastination Stresses Me Out

There’s this one task that my boss asked me to do, but I kept on delaying it because honestly I don’t even know what I can do in that situation. I don’t have access to the servers, I am simply a conduit between two teams (why can’t they just talk to each other directly?!) and I don’t even know how to fix it. The past few weeks have been quiet, but now one of them starts to bug me again and I am stressed out.

I should have dealt with this early on instead of making myself suffer even more.

Eat! Bulaga Brouhaha

After that Moira-Lolito feud, my Marites tendencies have been focused on the exodus of Eat! Bulaga hosts, led by Tito, Vic, and Joey along with the rest of its cast and crew. Just last Monday, the ones who took over the production company of the said noontime show placed new hosts, led by Paolo Contis. I know that cancel culture is unfair, but man, it’s difficult not to throw some hate on Paolo Contis. He’s been known to hit on ladies, bear children with them, and then move on to the next one.

ANYWAY. That’s not the point of this bit.

TVJ now found a new home in TV5 (Joey De Leon even made a bit because of the entities’ acronyms) but now the question is what will their show called. TVJ insists its their own IP, but TAPE, Inc (the production company which they left) says they registered it under their name. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I just want to see the new owners to fail, especially since they are sons of the once convicted rapist, and it seems that they are only using the show to further their political agenda.

But then again, I have nothing to gain whoever wins - I don’t watch TV anymore.

PLDT is acting up again

PLDT confirmed that one of their submarine cable partners confirmed a loss of internet bandwidth capacity thus causing issues with our internet connection. The wife is the one who’s hit the most because she’s been working on some important reports and it’s just frustrating when all you can see is that progress bar that doesn’t move, like your car stuck in traffic in NLEX when approaching Bulacan area.

Plus I can’t watch FB/IG reels - and it’s affecting my addiction.

Power Meter Stopped Working 😞

I bought a power meter in preparation for the upcoming race because I want to make sure I stay within my power zones. For some reason perhaps maybe after washing the bike or after it got rained on, the water got into the unit and now it fails to calibrate. I tried to ride around the village twice - the first time it reported no power readings, then the second one reported 500-700 watts of readings, which shouldn’t be the case since I am not putting that much effort.

I left the power meter out and open to dry and will try calibrating it later. Worst case scenario is that I will be running blind on my power readings and just rely on my heart rate. Oh well.


Well, this is going to be interesting. I guess one way or another there will be some mishaps and issues before I join this race. I am just hoping that the mechanical issues stops with the power meter. Good luck to me this coming weekend. More news about that on the next issue.

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