New FTP Update!

I started doing structured training since last week of January to help improve my aerobic fitness in cycling. I hate getting dropped in group rides with my buddies; I am always left gasping for air, as they go further away from me. I don’t have the time to go riding outside everyday, but I do have the time to ride on my smart indoor trainer, so I got myself a base training plan which I followed everyday since.

Before I could proceed, I needed to know my FTP or Functional Threshold Power, or the amount of power I could exert on the pedals that I could sustain for at least an hour. There are several FTP tests out there, but I used Wahoo SYSTM’s Half Monty Test which is not as daunting as the standard FTP test where you go crazy on the pedals for 20 minutes and hope for the best.

My FTP back in the last week of January was 143W. This was while I was recovering from multiple flu cases since December.

My training plan mostly contains zone 2 rides - the only variation would be the duration or volume. I followed it to the nail until my next FTP test - which was today.

I am anxious about this because, even after multiple research shows zone 2 riding helps increase FTP, I still have my doubts. Maybe because I got used to the idea that if you want to get strong you need to push harder. I guess if my numbers didn’t improve might as well find another training plan - or even subscribe to Wahoo SYSTM to follow their custom-fit training plans.

After an hour of the Half Monty Test, I am surprised and delighted to know that my FTP increased - 154W! I am super glad because now I can truly say that zone 2 riding actually works! I got so excited to continue my training tomorrow, even if that means riding for at least 2 hours 😅.

I just need to continue following this training plan (even its strength training too) because now I have a gauge to say that I am actually improving.

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