Moved from Ghost(Pro)

After two years of using Ghost(Pro), I have decided to move away from the platform and move my blog here at GitHub Pages.

I liked the simplicity of Ghost(Pro), and its viability for monetizing my written work. However I have to go away from it for a number of reasons:

  1. Money
  2. No Stripe availability in PH
  3. No subscribers

I am spending $108 dollars for an annual subscription to Ghost(Pro). It might have been nothing to me in the past few years, but I am afraid that’s no longer the case. In conjunction with my second and third reason, I cannot justify this expense as it’s now nothing more than just a hobby.

Ghost(Pro) builds on the idea of having a newsletter that allows authors to monetize their work through monthly or yearly subscriptions to said newsletters. And to allow such monetization, Ghost(Pro) supports only Stripe (which isn’t available in the Philippines) and not PayPal (looks like they have an issue with PayPal). Although there are integrations that I can use to integrate PayPal with Ghost(Pro), my current plan doesn’t support that. Again, I can’t see the point of spending more that just to get that integration.

Lastly, even if there’s Stripe availability here in PH, I don’t see any way I could monetize this blog since I have only one subscriber. I might have marketing problem propagating this blog, but the problem is mostly me still trying to figure out what I would like to talk about here.

And so in order to save money and grow this blog, I am going to be using GitHub Pages which is free! I also like creating my posts via MarkDown and a plain text editor. This way I don’t have any distractions and focus more on writing.

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