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Bike Frame Dilemma

I can torture myself on picking the most practical bike frame - but the bottom line is that I still have no budget to get one. But it wouldn't hurt to blog about it, right?

Bike Frame Dilemma
Photo by Emil Kalibradov / Unsplash

I am looking for a new bike frame - and coming from aluminium alloy, I am thinking of getting either a carbon frame, or a titanium alloy.

Carbon frames are light and repairable, but can only last for at least 4-5 years, depending on the materials used and the R&D put into it. Titanium frames tend to last longer, almost for life because it doesn't rust, but will be difficult to repair since it requires a special tool to weld.

As of this posting, I have two candidates in mind. On carbon frames, my initial pick was GSID Vanguard by SID Composites, but I am a bit curious with the color of Marin Headlands:

Marin Headlands 2022

The gradient between Golden Gate Orange and Ocean Blue, plus the holographic Marin label is quite a head turner. Plus the head badge looks solid.

Marin Headlands 2022

My preferred Titanium frame would be the Lynskey GR300. I have seen several riders who uses this and can attest to its endurance. One even used it the recently concluded PCF Gravel Race (I am still bitter about it because I couldn't join).

Lynskey GR300

Plus the look is kind of neutral due to lack of colors (although one can pick anodized logos with different colors such as gray, blue or purple).

I just realized that even the spoke pilars were colored. Source: Jerome Paterno / Facebook

I am conflicted because the Marin Headlands is a bit cheaper (90k), compared to Lynskey GR300 because the internal routing variant costs 140k.

My fiancé made the decision easier for me because she vetoed the Marin Headlands one (she didn't like the color combination). So I guess I am back to Lynskey's arms?

My friends keep on pushing me to get the Lynskey GR300 now, because my contact has stock - but I can't buy one at the moment. I will save up and probably buy after I get settled in the new residence - which should happen in the next 2-3 months (optimistic).

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