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An Attempt to Save my Wahoo Tickr

I use my Wahoo Tickr as my heart rate sensor which is connected to my bike computer. I figured since my bike computer is already Wahoo, might as well stay with the brand. But my Tickr stopped working and I tried to make it work again.

An Attempt to Save my Wahoo Tickr
Photo by Michel E / Unsplash

I noticed that my Wahoo Tickr is no longer connecting to my bike computer so I figured it's probably another case of dead battery. However, I just replaced the battery like weeks ago, and I wasn't riding that often, so  it can't possibly have drained on its own.

Then I learned that the problem is with the cover, because one of its teeth has fallen off and it's no longer securing the battery in place. I know because if I try to push the battery further, the unit is still working.

I added some electrical tape hoping it would help but..

I can just buy a new heart rate monitor, but I can't just buy without even trying to salvage what's left of my Wahoo Tickr. Turns out this was a prevalent problem, among Wahoo heart rate sensors, and one even created a design for two versions of the TickerX - V1 and V2. He designed it for himself because Wahoo doesn't sell battery covers.

I don't know if my Tickr is either of the two because Wahoo has this habit of keeping the original name, but I figured, maybe V2 is close enough to what I have.

Since I don't have a 3D printer, I found a guy within my city who can print it for me.

The print turned out fine, although the guy told me that since the teeth were designed too thin, it can easily break off. I asked for five copies and the guy gave me six pieces - after shipping three of those copies were already broken.

They are designed too thin, so they can easily snap off.

I tried putting it on my Tickr but it just won't fit, no matter how much I rotate it to find the groove that matches the teeth. I failed.

So now I tried putting in some electrical tapes on the side with the broken tooth, hoping that it would help push and keep the battery in place for it to work. But sadly, the "push the battery in" strategy is no longer working. My Wahoo Tickr just died.

I know I can afford to buy a new heart rate monitor but I just figured I could save this one. I guess he already lost the will to live and be saved.

Well, at least I tried. Time to buy Garmin HRM Pro! 🤣

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